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Sander is a digital media guy, really passionate about marketing, technologies and startups. Sander would love to join a digital agency in planning or creative strategies role.

Launched: Aug 20, 2012

Backing ends: Sep 14, 2012

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2) Sten Saar

3) Liis Rosenberg

4) Martin Saar

5) Martti Kinkar

6) Juho Laurits

7) Kristel Hering

8) Sirje Soosalu

9) Ragnar Sass

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14) Risto Tammearu

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24) Kris Haamer

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26) Marko Srsan

27) Kirsten Campbell

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29) @pellotweets

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31) Andreas Klinger

32) Simmo Sedrik

33) Sander Kaur

34) Kimmo Kauhanen

35) Ingrid Merioja

36) Anton Narusberg

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129) Rain Rannu

130) Märt Aro

131) Leo Siemann

132) Thomas Schranz


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What other people say about Sander?

Sander helped out with many initiatives at Seedcamp during his time with us - always detail oriented and very reliable.

He was a valued part of our team and still helps out occasionally, which shows his dedication and enthusiasm for the startup and tech scene.


Philipp Moehring, Associate at Seedcamp



He is a great team member, social, fun and cool making other team members motivated.

He is hard working and can deal with different things at the same time and handling stressful situations without a problem. Most importantly, I would recommend him any time with full confidence.


Ragnar Sass, Co-founder of Pipedrive and Garage48



Sander is one of the multi talented students I have known. He combines an ability to be both creative and practical. His work on media planning was outstanding and all lecturers felt that he showed a clear gift in grasping complex issues and producing rationale conclusions.


Vic Davies, Course Leader (media planning and buying professional), Bucks New University



Sander worked to an incredible high standard whilst at Seedcamp he contributed and executed on a lot of excellent ideas to improve our website and social media strategy I would highly recommend him!


Kirsten Campbell, GM at Seedcamp



Only the very best is good enough for him.


Epp Vodja, CEO of Junior Acheivement Estonia



He always has his fingers on the pulse with new technology, new ways of reaching and communicating to target markets as well as being business savvy. He did an exceptional job and delivered excellent results


Sten Saar, brother and head of home services at onefinestay